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  • Why choose us? 

    We want to do more than bring smiles to our customers faces by selling these entertaining and learning toys. Since we are a growing company, we would like your help in building a sustainable revenue stream so that we can give back to worthy causes. Every purchase you make helps us give back to low-income children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic so they can receive the education they deserve.

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  • Who are we?

    We are the industry leader in designing and creating intriguing toys for kids and pets. We've worked hard to create and assemble a set of premium toys that will encourage exploration, creativity, and development in its young owners. These long-lasting play toys are guaranteed to keep kids and pets amused for long periods while also facilitating their growth.

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  • Reforestation partners

    We are really proud to announce that we’ve partnered with onetreeplanted. As the need for reforestation is global and ever-changing. We want to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. Together we can restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.

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