About us

Welcome to Yay Retail Shop, Home of the Bilingual Learning Device™.

Who Are We?

We are the industry leader in designing and creating intriguing toys for kids and pets. We've worked hard to create and assemble a set of premium toys that will encourage exploration, creativity, and development in its young owners. These long-lasting play toys are guaranteed to keep kids and pets amused for long periods while also facilitating their growth.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire curiosity, innovation, and exploration with every product we make. All the products are great for teaching pets and kids essential skills in a fun way. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality toys for your children and pets at prices you can afford.

Our unique collection of kids' and pets' toys and exciting games is not only packed full of fun but is also created to delight and is sure to fulfill kids' and pets' natural curiosity, all while encouraging creativity, inventiveness, teamwork, and out-of-the-box learning.

If you want to inspire creativity and interest in your kid, come to us. We go beyond conventional toy-making practices in every way, from packing to the final product, in our quest to teach your child about the world. Our goal is to completely wow you. We put in a lot of effort to ensure that our toys make youngsters and animals happy and give them a sense of accomplishment and inspiration.

Our Philosophy

Toys are selected with the philosophy that children would learn and grow from using them in various ways. Undoubtedly, they are also very entertaining. By stocking different toys, we can keep your kiddos and pets entertained for years without breaking the bank. To help children grow and learn, we offer many toys to families.

Mission Statement

To provide high-quality, innovative, consistent, long-lasting, value-for-money educational toys for kids and pets that will make them want more and foster their creativity, learning, and development.

Vision Statement

We aim to become the leading retailer of learning toys for pets and kids by creating out-of-the-box, unforgettable learning experiences that will inspire your pet's and children’s curiosity and encourage them to discover, explore, and be happy.

Why Choose Us? 

  • High-quality

We design and create the best toys and games in the world, and we back it up with first-rate service. We pride ourselves on being toy industry professionals. Our business aims to sell our customers toys, games and presents that are fun and educational for their children and pets. As a result of the superior components we employ in our toys, they will last for years.


  • Customer service 

We value your confidence in us and will do everything possible to earn it. We'll evaluate your new purchases for flaws right then and there and give you pointers on how to maximize their fun potential.


  • Affordable prices

While we offer some items in the higher price bracket, we aim for all of our pet and kid toys to be affordable to as many people as possible. Because of this, we offer the most competitive pricing available.


  • Social cause

We want to do more than bring smiles to our customers faces by selling these entertaining and learning toys. Since we are a growing company, we would like your help in building a sustainable revenue stream so that we can give back to worthy causes. Every purchase you make helps us give back to low-income children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic so they can receive the education they deserve.


  • Our toys spark interest

Our online shop is stocked with various educational toys suitable for youngsters and pets of all sizes. These playthings are tailor-made for capturing the awe and enthusiasm of a child's first encounters with new concepts. Kids may have a blast while developing their skills and interests with our extensive collection of educational toys.

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